Keep Prayin (Produced by P​.​Soul)

by Sav-Dawsyn

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Crazy world brothas gettin slayed by five oh
this aint nothin new tho
we just got the video
how we supposed to live in peace
when we fear the piece
nothin come with the violence
except dead bodies
That goes for us too
why we steady killin our brothas
it shouldn't take a tragedy for us to love one another
but who the fuck is hirin' these pig they close to nothin
but not all of em tho
that would mean I made an assumption
and thats what got us here
havin this discussion
they label thugs turn the body cam off N get to bussin
I dont wanna see another fuckin angle i'm disgusted
murder anyway you see it
man this shit is cold blooded
RIP Walter Scott
they even shoot us when we runnin
man theres gotta be a change
seem like all we do is plummet
racism on the front page
last thing we need is Donald trump in
(Last thing we need is Donald Trump in)

Damn wtf is goin on
got homies in the pen
while Brock Turner in the hills
swimmin swimmin on a warning
my headache like im sippin on McCormick
cuz we only movin backwards
while time
continue forward
this is real life horror
gee I fear for my life
With thoughts of Philando
next time im pulled aside by the lights
It could of been you
it could of been she
its could of been myself as well on the streets
passin out CD's

but cop killin aint the answer
dont stoop to they steez
and don't label em all as bad
speks of dirt cant filth a sea
thats the same shit they do us
logic like the Klu Klux
some shoud retire the uniform
if they aint true to us
drop the badge
find a ralley put that hood up
if you aint really bout outh
why u gotta front
we gotta start by
respecting eachother
namin cities after war zones
to glorify aint really doin nothin
flexin with they weapons
in they videos
and the people love it
how we askin them stop
when we be havin fun wit it
what happened the fist fight
why do we choose end lifes
as humans man we slippin
steady wastin all our time
showin hate instead of love
world peace is what im reppin
till i slumber in the mud
whether black, white, yellow bone, brown ill show u love
that the way it should be
i wish it were that simple
always dreamin what it could be

I got this dream
for them better days
we all the same
in the end
Listen to what im sayin
but you can;t change sum minds
just gotta keep prayin
but you cant change sum minds
just gotta keep prayin


released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Sav-Dawsyn Topeka, Kansas

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